First established in 2011, Hyuna International Ltd. is a digital multimedia company that offers its members a truly unique streaming experience. In exchange for one low monthly fee, entertainment lovers get unlimited access to movies, music, books, and games — all in one place.

By harnessing the power of direct response marketing and working with various third-party advertising platforms, Hyuna has been able to establish itself as a global player in the online streaming market.

It’s thanks to this vast online presence and our strong relationships with various content partners and affiliates that we have been able to grow consistently and currently boast 110 talented employees in our Barbados head office. We work with offices/affiliates in Canada and Europe.

These diverse teams work on all aspects of Hyuna’s service, from developing source code to negotiating content deals, building custom websites, offering customer support and more.


Our Mission

To innovate, create and market sustainable turnkey software solutions for the online subscription industry.


Our Vision

To be a global leader in direct response marketing – delivering a high quality product to clients worldwide.


Developed in 2014, the MilkBox™ platform is the culmination of different Digital-Rights-Management (DRM) technologies, a content delivery platform, and a reporting mechanism. It allows Hyuna to report consumption and other user statistics to the content providers, protect content and IP from theft or piracy, and facilitates the delivery of content online.

The relationships and knowledge formed led to the next phase of the business where Hyuna began to cater to other business’ needs and created a turnkey solution for any business that wants a media streaming service of their own like Netflix or Spotify. Hyuna began to partner with these online distributors using its MilkBox platform.

MilkBox provides one or all of the following services to its customers:


Content licensing

Content reporting

Streaming Service delivery for all media types

DRM enabled Players and Streaming technology

DDEX Reporting

IT Solutions with backups and Hosting.

Live customer support