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 Cherisse Hunte joined the company on August 31, 2015, as a polyglot Foreign Language Agent with English, Spanish and French under her belt. Cherisse exhibited great customer service skills, work ethic and critical thinking while handling her daily tasks. Her ability to adapt to change and tackle complicated situations made a lasting impression on her managers and co-workers alike.

Cherisse was awarded Agent of the Month in March and May of 2017 for her outstanding performances, dedication and hard work. Also, she was selected to represent the Foreign Language department at  University of the West Indies (UWI) showcase in March of 2018.

Cherisse made going above, and beyond the call of duty part of her daily tasks, she will surely be missed by her colleagues as she pursues new opportunities in her career journey. We wanted to thank her for her time here at Hyuna and showcase this wonderful article she created regarding last October’s Customer Service Week. Cherisse’s final day will be Fri, March the 30th. Safe travels Cherisse, it has been an absolute pleasure!


CUSTOMER SERVICE WEEK 2017 Hyuna | October 2 – 6 2017

Written by Cherisse Hunte

As October rolls around, it’s time once again for the annually celebrated Customer Service Week.

Customer Service Week is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis. Customer Service Week is annually celebrated the first full week in October. This year’s celebrations were on October 2nd – 6th, 2017. Each year a theme is assigned, this year’s team was Building Trust. The theme signifies the importance of building trust in forming strong, positive and lasting relationships with customers and coworkers. It would be Hyuna’s second year participating, and just like last year, it was a hit! As early as September 29th, decorators from Renaissance Designs came in with boxes loaded with beautiful orange, black and yellow cloth, helium balloons and posters to kick things off. Come Monday morning the office was aglow with orange, black and yellow and we were ready to begin Customer Service Week! Our customer service coordinators came around to each agent handing out goodie bags. Each bag contained customer service week paraphernalia – a water bottle, pen, notepad, letter and scratch card game. Let’s not forget the treats! Along with the goodie bag, each agent also received two cookies to satisfy their sweet tooth!


It certainly put things in a more celebratory mood!



Each day was jam-packed with events. In the morning, there was a presentation from one of our department supervisors on varying themes. Everything from how to deal with a complicated customer orientated scenario, to coping with stress, and effective communication. Each day at 1 pm there was also a presentation from management in an endeavour to explain a bit more about what their respective departments do. We heard from our managing director, our human resources manager as well as from our development team. It was a great way to bridge the divide between departments and get to know a bit more about what each section of our company does to work together as a whole.

Other fun events over the course of the week included title swaps, where agents and supervisors traded places. Members from other departments got to experience “a day in the life of an agent”.  Including our customer service manager, HR manager, social media manager and members of our development team. Then, during your shift, an email would pop up in your inbox announcing “bingo game starting in five minutes-stay tuned!”, “the first person to unscramble these words wins!” or “it’s time for customer service bingo!” It kept things exciting, and there was always something to look forward to during your shift, whether it was 2 pm or 5 am!



The top three winners of each game got the chance to spin the Hyuna Wheel of Fortune! Some, unfortunately, got a “try again” but those who won – won big! Prizes were given away included vouchers to nearby restaurants, discounts at clothing stores and gift certificates to salons. And yet again, don’t forget the treats! Winners also got doughnuts donated by PriceSmart.



The final day of Customer Service Week was the biggest and best day of the week – chock-full of fun, exciting activities! “Mix & Match” was the theme of the day. Employees came out in their craziest layered outfits, rocking striped tights with different coloured shoes and ribbons in their hair. Nothing was matching at all! Clair Moore took the prize of a spa package prize from Olivia Elliot with her stylish plastic cups-ponytails and multi-coloured gown. The day’s events started off with a scavenger hunt! The first clue was emailed out at 10 am sharp, and the hunt for those strategically placed clues began. Employees could be seen running up and down Balmoral Gap from building to building in their hunt for clues. In the end, however, Arrell Grace stole the win by a margin winning herself a photoshoot with Bajan Movements. Next up was Run For Your Money! Eight items were collected, and $100 cash prize was up for grabs! This included collecting customer service week items from around the office, selfies at nearby locations and making a few items as well. Employees kicked up dust as they rushed around to gather their items but Reynaldo Lewis was the fastest of the pack and walked away with the cash prize! To wrap up the week we heard from our Customer Experience Initiative Owner to show his appreciation for all his hard-working customer service representatives. We also had a few heartfelt words and a toast from our Customer Service Manager. They both also presented the final raffle prizes of the week to two lucky winners – a staycation for two at Radisson and a Samsung Galaxy tablet!

It can’t be denied “Customer Service Week 2017″ at Hyuna International was enjoyed by all, and we cannot wait to see what’s in store in October 2018!



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